Truth Tastes Funny with Hersh Rephun
Truth Tastes Funny with Hersh Rephun
How do we stay sane, survive, and thrive in today’s world? On the Truth Tastes Funny podcast, writer/comedian Hersh Rephun explores the absurdity of life’s challenges, while engaging with experts who’ve dedicated themselves to finding serious solutions.
Hersh Rephun

Robyn Peterson: Serving Up the Future, Straight as Whiskey, with Quite a Punch

S4 E77 • Mar 11, 2024 • 30 mins

In this episode, Hersh Rephun and guest Amazing Robyn delve into the role of humor and spirituality in processing truth. They discuss preparedness, reality acceptance, education's impact on life paths, and power dynamics. They also touch on global issues, personal beliefs, emotional acceptance, and the concept of "practice" in life.

Key Points

  • Skill sets are the most valuable asset one can have, and they will create wealth and make a person valuable in catastrophic events.
  • Fear, when managed healthily, can be a protective mechanism rather than a hindrance, guiding us to prepare for potential threats without being overwhelmed.
  • Our choices and the extent to which we listen to spiritual promptings or warnings shape our ability to navigate and prepare for future events.

Robyn is the ultimate secret weapon for both individuals and companies. Hailed as a SEER and divine in her gift, she possesses an unmatched ability to detect past, present, and future blocks that may be affecting people and businesses. Her transformational breakthroughs are legendary, thanks to her extensive experience in serial entrepreneurship, education, Holistic medicine, Quantum physics, frequencies, mathematical codes, energetic medicine, and retraining the brain are all her specialties, and her oracle abilities complement her other gifts.

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