Vicki Paris Goodman on Navigating Loss, Embracing Change, and Affirming Afterlife Connections
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Vicki Paris Goodman on Navigating Loss, Embracing Change, and Affirming Afterlife Connections

S5 E87 • May 28, 2024 • 35 mins

Vicki Paris Goodman lost the love of her life, her husband Sam, to cancer in 2019. While navigating her profound grief, she was astonished when the life-changing event unexpectedly opened up a world of possibilities, filling her with gratitude and optimism. Sheer inspiration motivated her to write To Sam, With Love: A Surviving Spouse’s Story of Inspired Grief in the hope others might benefit from her experience.

Key Points

  • Vicky Paris Goodman shares her journey of inspired grief following the loss of her husband, Sam, embracing unexpected optimism and a sense of guidance that helped her navigate her loss positively.
  • Vicky's experiences with signs and symbols, such as a vivid neon yellow-green apparition and a plastic sunflower, reinforced her belief in an afterlife and a continued connection with Sam.
  • Vicky advocates for a shift in cultural perceptions of death and loss, suggesting that openness to guidance, embracing new opportunities, and balancing activity with alone time can lead to a fulfilling next chapter after losing a loved one.

Ms. Goodman was born in Los Angeles, California, and grew up near the hub of the Hollywood entertainment industry. After marrying Sam Goodman in 1997, the couple resided in Long Beach until retirement prompted a move to Prescott, Arizona, in 2016.

She is a retired mechanical engineer and real estate appraiser. She sings, plays violin semi-professionally and served a Long Beach-area newspaper as theater critic for over twenty years.

Presently, she is writing her second book, Speed Bumps: And Other Impediments to Life in the Fast Lane.

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