Redefining Success and Mindset Transformation with Carlo Taormina
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Redefining Success and Mindset Transformation with Carlo Taormina

S5 E90 • Jun 19, 2024 • 28 mins

Carlo Taormina shares his journey of overcoming clinical depression and suicidal ideation. From his background in personal training and life coaching to a pivotal "hell week" and a life-changing "depression intervention" road trip initiated by his brother, Carlo delves into redefining success and the importance of mindset transformation.

Key Points

  • Beliefs are merely stories we tell ourselves, and by changing the narrative, we can reshape our reality.
  • Overcoming deep-seated self-doubt and limiting beliefs involves not just cognitive understanding but also emotional engagement.
  • Changing one's environment and taking bold actions can catalyze profound personal transformation and purpose discovery.

Carlo rose from the depths of his mental illness to share his story of overcoming self doubt, destroying limiting beliefs and unleashing the real “You” in order to help those in similar positions. From sharing his story on social media, coaching clients and speaking on the largest stages, Carlo has had people approach him saying his message saved their life.

As a powerful coach and keynote speaker, Carlo’s drive impacts all as he shares his message with Fortune 500’s, Universities and Local Communities.

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