Truth Tastes Funny with Hersh Rephun
Truth Tastes Funny with Hersh Rephun
How do we stay sane, survive, and thrive in today’s world? On the Truth Tastes Funny podcast, writer/comedian Hersh Rephun explores the absurdity of life’s challenges, while engaging with experts who’ve dedicated themselves to finding serious solutions.
Hersh Rephun

Sabrina Victoria Bears Witness: It is Possible to Human Better

S3 E63 • Apr 18, 2023 • 45 mins

Just as our parents made choices that affected us, so too do we have the opportunity to set the narrative for those we bring into the world. My guest this week, Sabrina Victoria, was raised as a Jehovah's Witness, with no preparation for life outside of that world. As a single mom, determined to escape a 13-year narcissistic abusive relationship, Sabrina displayed a tenacity and optimistic spirit that has inspired fans worldwide and helped endless amounts of people break through and discover their own untapped talents and immense potential. Here, I sit down with the creator and CEO of Human Better 365, a human transformation company, creator of the Her Version Podcast and founder of Her Nation Community, speaker, entrepreneur and author, Sabrina Victoria

Key Points

  • Sabrina Victoria's journey from being raised as a Jehovah's Witness and experiencing stringent control, to becoming boy crazy, disfellowshipped, and eventually trapped in an abusive relationship, illustrates the profound challenges and the necessity of finding one's self-empowerment and voice.
  • Through her story of secretly saving money and eventually escaping her toxic relationship, Sabrina emphasizes the importance of resilience, the power of personal development, and the transformative impact of envisioning and working towards a better life, despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles.
  • Sabrina's vision for Human Better 365 is to create a community and a school-like environment where people can learn and be empowered to improve their human skills, manage their lives better, and fully realize their potential, regardless of their past or current circumstances.

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