Truth Tastes Funny with Hersh Rephun
Truth Tastes Funny with Hersh Rephun
How do we stay sane, survive, and thrive in today’s world? On the Truth Tastes Funny podcast, writer/comedian Hersh Rephun explores the absurdity of life’s challenges, while engaging with experts who’ve dedicated themselves to finding serious solutions.
Hersh Rephun

Navigating life, hardship and personal transformation with Susan Gold

S4 E81 • Apr 9, 2024 • 39 mins

Listen in as Hersh Rephun chats with Susan Gold, Author, and Transformationalist. About her varied career, from working with celebrities to writing her book "Toxic Family". They discuss Susan's struggle with alcoholism, her personal transformation, and her unique insights into the human experience.

The conversation also touches on climate change and Susan's advice for those facing challenges.

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