Truth Tastes Funny with Hersh Rephun
Truth Tastes Funny with Hersh Rephun
How do we stay sane, survive, and thrive in today’s world? On the Truth Tastes Funny podcast, writer/comedian Hersh Rephun explores the absurdity of life’s challenges, while engaging with experts who’ve dedicated themselves to finding serious solutions.
Hersh Rephun

Return to Ecstasy, Abundance, and LOVE with Akasia Boehm

S4 E78 • Mar 19, 2024 • 48 mins

In this episode, Hersh Rephun converses with Akasia, an international Akashic Records and LOVE Mentor. They delve into Akasia's personal journey of self-discovery and her exploration of human potentials. The discussion further touches on her spiritual adventure in Cancun, her return to LA, and her current life in Boulder. They also discuss the intersection of business and spirituality, the global shift in consciousness, and the soul's connection with water.

Key Points

  • The Akashic Records are described as an energetic library containing every thought, intention, and action of every soul in existence, offering guidance and clarity for personal growth and understanding one's true purpose.
  • Embracing spirituality and exploring one's heart and intuition can lead to a life that is more aligned with one's authentic self, overcoming limitations and fears imposed by societal conditioning and personal beliefs.
  • A journey of healing and self-discovery can involve significant life changes, such as leaving a career that no longer resonates and trusting in the guidance of one's heart, even if it leads to unexpected places and new ways of living.
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