Truth Tastes Funny with Hersh Rephun
Truth Tastes Funny with Hersh Rephun
How do we stay sane, survive, and thrive in today’s world? On the Truth Tastes Funny podcast, writer/comedian Hersh Rephun explores the absurdity of life’s challenges, while engaging with experts who’ve dedicated themselves to finding serious solutions.
Hersh Rephun

Before BARBIE the Movie, there was Sarah Grace Allred, the Victress

S3 E72 • Aug 1, 2023 • 51 mins

Sarah Grace Allred is disrupting Marketing. Marketing to women using masculine strategies may finally be falling out of favor, but it's still happening. And it does not work. Sarah's agency, Victress™ Marketing, addresses 72% of buyers, who are women, and helps businesses connect with women in for real. With a Top 30 Business Podcast on Apple iTunes, Sarah's greatest accomplishment is building her empire while maintaining a strict 12-hour work week that celebrates FRIDAYS off to swim with her kids. Sarah is a highly sought after Strategy Coach with clients from all over the world. Using Sarah’s unique Victress Marketing system, clients are able to escape “salesy” marketing strategies.

Key Points

  • Leveraging personal strengths and passions can lead to greater productivity and fulfillment, even when working fewer hours per week.
  • Understanding and catering to the distinct consumer behaviors and preferences of women can significantly enhance business success and customer loyalty.
  • Embracing discomfort and trusting one's inner voice can be transformative, leading to personal growth and the pursuit of a more passionate and aligned life or business venture.

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