Peak Performance with Constantin Bo Morun: Create Time and Unleash Thyself
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Peak Performance with Constantin Bo Morun: Create Time and Unleash Thyself

S5 E85 • May 7, 2024 • 28 mins

Constantin Bo Morun is a specialist in Time Creation & Peak Performance, and a Certified NeuroEncoding Specialist.

His journey from communist Romania to a fulfilling career in North America's tech industry, including a significant role at Microsoft, shows his never-ending effort to get better, help people, and share what he knows.

With a passion for psychology and neuroscience complemented by a background in mathematics and technology, Constantin has developed unique strategies for personal and professional growth.

Over three decades, he has coached and mentored across various domains, leveraging his deep understanding of human psychology and neuroscience to help high achievers transform their lives.

As an entrepreneur and lifelong learner, Constantin continuously seeks innovative ways to inspire and empower others.

His programs embody this journey, offering a revolutionary approach to managing time and stress. It's all about empowering and guiding high achievers to a place where they achieve more, stress less, and create time for what's truly important to them - without sacrificing what they love, their success, relationships, or health.

Through scientifically backed methods and practical strategies tested in his life and with dozens of clients, Constantin guides individuals from overwhelming busyness to a life of purpose, productivity, and peace.

Constantin is also the voice behind the 'Unleash Thyself' podcast, dedicated to inspiring and empowering listeners on their personal and professional journeys, sharing stories, strategies, and insights that motivate change and drive success.

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